Past Website Contributions


When I was a child going through grade school, I watched TechTV (cable channel 65) every day to get my technology fix. I would make it point to be in front of the TV by 7:00pm (6:00pm Central) in order to watch my favorite show on the network: The Screensavers. I enjoyed watching the opening of the show where the cast and crew took a studio audience member and let them read the "cold opening" of the various topics the hosts would be discussing for the show. As a kid I always wanted to be one of those who performed the opening. Over a decade later and with a little vacation travel, the generous cast and crew at the TWiT studios made that wish a reality in the summer of 2016:


Aside from my personal blog, you'll find sample writings and my past contributions to a few other tech websites below.


Glass Almanac is a Google Glass blog founded by Matt McGee of Search Engine Land. After accepting my invitation to the Glass Explorer's Program in late 2013, I came across Glass Almanac and noticed Matt was in need was contributing writers. You can find my contributions on my GA author page.


SiliconANGLE was founded by entrepreneur John Furrier and provides analysis on the technology industry with a focus on business and cloud computing. I submitted this article as part of a trial period, which SiliconANGLE subsequently published. is technology news site and web-show stationed in Dallas, Texas Formerly run by Luria Petrucci (a.k.a. Cali Lewis)  and John Pozadzides, I reviewed test units and wrote how-to articles for them while I was completing my college degree. You can see my past contributions on my GeekBeat author page.