Giving back through audio

Aside from listening to podcasts, I also enjoy diving into audiobooks. I've been an Audible audiobook subscriber for years and, for a time, that was the only way in which I consumed books., However, it wasn't until I learned about public-domain publications until I heard about Project Gutenberg through one of the many podcasts I listened to at the time, and from there I learned of thousands of books that have fallen into the public domain and freely available for download. From Project Gutenberg I then found Librivox, a website dedicated to crowd-sourcing the creation of public-domain audiobooks through volunteers. Given these projects offer a larger amount of flexibility when it comes to individual projects, I decided to volunteer as a reader and give back to the audiobook community. My previous experience and skills obtained through podcasting and producing the Skeleton Barcode would be useful, and the flexibility offered by the Librivox's structure made it a win-win scenario for me and my more demanding professional life with my work and personal life with my wife.

Audio files for specific book chapters read by me and other audiobook works may be found on this page and will be updated periodically as more recordings are made. Most of the links found here will be of book chapters read by me, but the book as a whole may be read by multiple narrators. If you wish to download the entire audiobook for titles to which I have contributed, please see my Librivox reader page for a complete list. I recommend downloading titles using the Bittorrent links provided on that page to save on bandwidth resources.