The Skeleton Barcode Podcast


The first dive into podcasting

The Skeleton Barcode was my first run at hobbyist podcasting. A general-topic show hosted by a good friend Jesse Gonzales II and myself, we covered three different segments on each episode:

  • News Around the World where Jesse and I would talk about one general news topic in the world that week.
  • Media Mixer in which Jesse took the opportunity to talk about what he found interesting in the latest movie, TV, and entertainment news. We used this segment to also submit our media picks of TV shows, movies, podcasts, or even apps.
  • Tech Rewind where I spoke about any tech stories of the week that I found interesting or noteworthy.

Below you can find links to listen to a few of our past episodes. Due to poor backup planning on my part, I was unable to retain a full catalog of all 29 episodes we recorded. Unfortunately, only the final four episodes were recovered.