Galaxy Note 4

The next Bendgate is already here


Bendgate is apparently still a thing on the Internet as I've come to learn on Mashable. Bendgate, for those not familiar, is the overblown story of Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus bending in consumers' pockets and gained traction when Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy posted a video on YouTube of him bending the device with his bare hands went viral. Apple later released a statement saying that only nine (9) customers have complained about bent iPhones and 9 out of  10 million ain't bad. It looks like Lewis is at it again posting a video of him bending the similarly-sized Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with his bare hands.

In the video, one can see that the Note 4 bends near the volume rocker on the device's side, which is pretty much the same spot as the iPhone 6 Plus. Lewis points out in the video that the Note 4's partially metal exterior may play a role in the bending of the device, and he was able to straighten the smartphone back out using nothing else than his hands as well. "Everybody's perception of durability is different" he mentions, "As we continue to miniaturize our devices, we're going to take hits on durability." I know that statement may seem like common sense to some, but unfortunately that needs to be spelled out to others in the world.