All Systems Are Go! Tech Philter is Lifting Off

Tech Philter is ready for launch! Things are finally getting off the ground and it's time to get this project started.

What is this?

Tech Philter is a new venture where I'll bring you news stories, analysis, reviews, and opinions on anything and everything tech ranging from social networks to consumer electronics, startups to enterprise and everything in between. In short: I grab the tech stories and Philters them down to the important and interesting ones so you don't have to. It's "Phil's take on tech."

What can you expect?

My goal is to have at least 2 articles out per week, if not more. We are in a busy time especially in the mobile phone realm with new smartphone announcements from multiple companies last week just in time for the early days of the holiday buying season. I am also in the works to bring a short 5-8 minute video podcast out to supplement the blog. One step at a time, though.

Want to help or participate?

I want this to be as much a conversation about tech as it is a blog about tech. If you have a suggestion on something for me to cover, or if you want to provide feedback in some form or fashion, leave a comment down below or reach out to me on one of the many social networks found on the right sidebar. I value your opinion and need your help in this.

See you soon!